About Kim
Kim Moberg is a New England award winning Folk/Americana singer, songwriter.
A self taught, finger pick style guitarist,
Kim's passionate and heartfelt vocals mesmerize listeners 
while her compositions tug at feelings of 
melancholy, heartbreak, healing and social consciousness.


 **CT Folk Grassy Hill Songwriting Competition Winner 2020 **  
** Corpus Christi Songwriters Spring 2020 Songwriters Contest 2nd Place ** 
** Music City SongStar Semi-Finalist Fall 2019 **  
** Finalist Blues & Roots Radio Song Contest 2019 **

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"Up Around The Bend" gives proof to Moberg’s strongest point: 
she can deliver the goods in a variety of musical settings. 
Moberg has created a strong singer-songwriter album with "Up Around The Bend".
Her stories are quite descriptive and she delivers each one tunefully with her voice,
her guitar, and her support players.
The plentitude and variety of songs will earn this disc many repeat listens.
- Bill Copeland, Bill Copeland Music News

 "With heartbreak, protest and celebration, Kim Moberg manages to smoothly
run the gamut on her sophomore effort “Up Around the Bend.”
Kim’s lovely voice works nicely with the tight arrangements,
and her songs from this album receive regular air play on my show.
She is definitely someone to keep an eye on as her music career blossoms."

-Bill Revill, Acoustic Blender - WESU FM, Middletown CT

"Kim’s mighty pen is a source of amazing material
that bridges the past with the future.
She brings stories to life with harmonious melodies,
and nothing can be more representative of that than her
brand new LP "Up Around The Bend".  
Kim’s stories are real, relatable and can connect each
and every listener to their substance.
In this world there are some people who write true organic music,
music so real, and so important for our times, and that is Kim Moberg.
It doesn’t hurt that she has an amazing voice to go with it!!" 
-Jon Sexauer, Country, Americana, Roots, Blues Music Promotion

"The title track to Kim Moberg's "Up Around The Bend" sets a
and melancholy tone with the opening words, 
"Days Move Slow, Yet The Years Fly By".  The rest of the album is just as graceful. 
It will be worth your while to take a listen!" 
Bruce Newman, W-E-V-L, 89.9 FM Memphis, Folk DJ,
Folk Alliance Board Alumni, Entertainment Attorney


“Kim’s writing is both vivid and evocative, whether telling a story from the past or the present. Add a voice that is eminently easy to listen to and “Up Around The Bend” is an album that should be on your cd player right how.” - Jim Canales Host, The Acoustic Revival


"Good lord this is a gorgeous work of art. Every track is superb - writing, performance, production! Definitely on my fave of the year list and it’s only January!"
-Chris LaVancher, Singer/Songwriter 


"It is unusual to say that a song conveys an important message
and is also beautiful and poetic, yet time and again
Kim Moberg brings such songs to life.
Yes, it is her lyrics but it is also Kim's performance, both honest and authentic.
Her recently released sophomore album "Up Around the Bend" is a jewel of a collection, beautifully sung and warmly arranged and recorded.”
-Tom Smith, Singer/Songwriter

Katharine Lee Bates In Bloom, Five Days In May 2020
Falmouth, Massachusetts
Video by Cape Cod Wave Magazine (
Music Sung By Kim Moberg

 "Kim Moberg has created a project
that features not only her lovely voice
but a songwriting style that can easily transition from
the gentle americana-tinged ballads
to thoughtful protest songs. 
Above Ground is well worth a listen!"

-Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere, WMSC 90.3 Montclaire, NJ

“I just want to give you a great big hug!!
This is such an honest and
-Cat Wilson, The Cheap Seats, Ocean 104.7 Hyannis, MA

“I thought your showcase was one of the finest I saw
during NERFA and I love the CD I received.
I am playing a track this week and
I am sure many more in the weeks to come.”  

-Ron Olesko, Traditions
WFDU, Teaneck, NJ

 "They say that music cures all ills and has a way of
uplifting the soul when it is down. 
The very first time I heard Kim Moberg at the
NERFA 2017 Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ showcase,
that very thought came to mind.  
Kim has a way of uplifting the spirit when it's down
and filling one's heart and mind with hope. 

She is a fresh voice on the scene and definitely wows a crowd. 
The world is a much brighter place with Kim Moberg.  
Listen to Kim's music and you'll be smiling, too." 
-Jon Stein, Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ Orange County, NY

"Song for Adam" and "These Days" by Jackson Browne also make me well up.
But this one, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" covered by Kim Moberg,
is the all-time tearjerker. Kim released her first album in 2018."

-Ken Nagelberg, Baton Rouge Community Radio WHYR 96.9FM

Kim Moberg writes songs that make you think."
-Jay Sheehan, Garrett Audio


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