What Is A House Concert?

 Early music was performed commonly as "house concerts"; even Mozart used the format!

House Concerts are an age old way of sharing live music in an intimate and community space. 
Happily, this format has seen a resurgence in the past decade and is a favorite way
to enjoy music for both the performer and the audience!

The host invites 20-40 of their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers for what is typically a two hour event,
often starting with a 30 minute potluck appetizer social time followed by two 45 minutes sets
of a live performance by a solo, duo, or trio.

The performer is accessible and the audience gets to be up close and personal for the performance.
Is there a better way to make new friends?

As a performer and a lover of live music, I decided to start my own series named The Green Room House Concerts
Formerly a single car garage, The Green Room seats 25 and is home to "Paula", our 100+ year old Steinway Grand Piano
along with all the gear needed to enjoy a professional live music experience.

If you love live music, are interested in attending a live show and would like to be added
to our mailing list, please send an email to: thegreenroomhc@gmail.com. 

** Please note that due to COVID-19, all concerts will be presented virtually until further notice **


Thursday      06/17/21    8:00pm EST   Allison Rose and Kim Moberg
Saturday       06/12/21   7:00pm EST    Kim Moberg and Heather Swanson w/ Rod Abernethy BACKYARD CONCERT
Thursday       06/03/21  8:00pm EST    Suzie Vinnick and Kim Moberg 
Wednesday    05/19/21   8:00pm EST    Rod Abernethy and Kim Moberg
Sunday         04/25/21   4:00pm EST    Zoë Wren and Kim Moberg
Thursday       04/08/21  7:30pm EST    Genevieve and Kim  Moberg
Thursday       04/15/21    8:00pm EST   Teresa Storch and Kim Moberg
Thursday       04/01/21  8:00pm EST    Lisa Bastoni and Kim Moberg
Thursday       03/19/21  7:30pm EST     Rob Williams and Kim Moberg
Thursday       02/18/21  7:30pm EST     Jimmy Willden and Kim Moberg
Saturday       02/13/21   7:00 pm EST   Love Songs Fundraiser featuring local Cape Cod Singer/Songwriters
Sunday         01/24/21   8:00 pm EST   Jaeger & Reid and Kim Moberg
Sunday         12/20/20  7:00 pm EST   A Cape Cod Christmas Fundraiser featuring local Cape Cod Singer/Songwriters 
Thursday       12/03/20  7:00 pm  EST  Paul Nelson and Kim Moberg
Thursday       11/19/20   7:00 pm EST   Peter Lehndorff and Kim Moberg
Thursday       10/29/20  8:00 pm EST   Shanna In A Dress and Kim Moberg
Thursday       10/08/20  7:00 pm EST   Doug Farrell and Kim Moberg