Kim Moberg is an award winning singer/songwriter
and self taught, finger pick style guitarist.
Kim's passionate and heartfelt vocals mesmerize listeners 
while her compositions tug at feelings of 
melancholy, heartbreak, healing and social consciousness.

** THE SEVEN FIRES PROPHECY: Suite For Humanity **
The story of the Aninshinaabe legend "The Seven Fires Prophecy 

"Her inspiration rises off this album like heat shimmering on the horizon. 
You can actually feel it! Beautiful! "
-Marilyn Rea Beyer 
Host, The Midnight Special & Folkstage WFMT 98.7FM Chicago, IL

"WOW! I think it's not only your best so far, that it's likely to be thought of as one of the best albums of this century! And, it is so very important to the future of this planet! I just picked it up today at the post office and I've already listened to it 3 times!"
-Mary Wheelan, Founder RISA, Host of "The Song" FCATMedia Sunderland, MA

"Moberg accomplishes a great deal on this Seven Fires Prophecy album. Her voice is beautifully self-restrained, serving up plenty of emotion in areas of the story when great emotion could not be denied. Her sustains carry power as well the right emphasis in her story line. Her acoustic guitar playing is nimble, skillful, and always in sympathy with her songwriting. Moberg has certainly done justice to her heritage and to the Tlingit tribe from which she descends.
-Bill Copeland, Bill Copeland Music News

 "Kim’s mighty pen is a source of amazing material that bridges the past with the future. She brings stories to life with harmonious melodies, and nothing can be more representative of that than there brand new LP Up Around The Bend. Kim’s stories are real, relatable and can connect each and every listener to their substance. In this world there are some people who write true organic music, music so real, and so important for our times, and is Kim Moberg. It doesn’t’ hurt that she has an amazing voice to go with it!” 
-Jon Sexier, Country, American, Roots, Blues Music Promotion 

"With heartbreak, protest and celebration, Kim Moberg manages to smoothly run the gamut on her sophomore effort “Up Around the Bend.” Kim’s lovely voice works nicely with the tight arrangements, and her songs from this album receive regular air play on my show. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on as her music career blossoms.” 
-Bill Revill, Acoustic Blender - WESU FM, Middletown CT 

"The title track to Kim Moberg's "Up Around The Bend" sets a peaceful and melancholy tone with the opening words, "Days Move Slow, Yet The Years Fly By".  The rest of the album is just as graceful.  It will be worth your while to take a listen!" 
-Bruce Newman, W-E-V-L, 89.9 FM Memphis, Folk DJ, 
Folk Alliance Board Alumni, Entertainment Attorney 

“Kim’s writing is both vivid and evocative, whether telling a story from the past or the present.  Add a voice that is eminently easy to listen to and “Up Around The Bend” is an album that should be on your cd player right how.” 
- Jim Canales Host, The Acoustic Revival 

Moberg has created a strong singer-songwriter album with Up Around The Bend. Her stories are quite descriptive and she delivers each one tunefully with her voice, her guitar, and her support players. The plentitude and variety of songs will earn this disc
many repeat listens.

-Bill Copeland, Music News

"I had the honor last night of being a judge again in the Rose Garden Coffeehouse Songwriter Competition.  Congrats to Kim Moberg who really shone bright last night. She will be a songwriter to watch in the coming years! Great songwriting, delivery, musicianship, topics, comfort on the stage and with her audience." 
-Robert Haigh, Judge, 2018 Rose Garden Coffee House Songwriter Competition 

"They say that music cures all ills and has a way of uplifting the soul when it is down. 
The very first time I heard Kim Moberg at the NERFA 2017 Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ showcase, that very thought came to mind.   Kim has a way of uplifting the spirit when it's down and filling one's heart and mind with hope.  She is a fresh voice on the scene and definitely wows a crowd.  The world is a much brighter place with Kim Moberg. 
Listen to Kim's music and you'll be smiling, too." 

-Jon Stein, Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ Orange County, NY

 “I thought your showcase was one of the finest I saw during NERFA and I love the CD I received. I am playing a track this week and I am sure many more in the weeks to come.” 
-Ron Olesko, Traditions WFDU

 Kim Moberg combines a lovely voice with a deep insight into the human experience.  
Her songs evoke genuine emotional responses in the listener, as she carries on the acoustic folk tradition in the 21st century. ”  

— Nick Noble, host of THE FOLK REVIVAL, WICN (Worcester Public Radio)

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