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From The Seven Fires Prophecy Suite for Humanity album

“When it is time for Indigenous People to return to the land, it will be the artists who will call them back.”

“Wings of the Winds” was inspired by this statement made by National Indigenous Archbishop Mark McDonald, Vancouver Canada July 1, 2021 at the "Oh Canada, Our Home On Native Land", a song and truth telling session where I, along with 3 other artists, performed in remembrance of the children found in the mass, unmarked graves near the site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School in Canada - “schools” modeled after those in the United States. The event was hosted by Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver, The Kaleidoscope Institute for Diverse, Sustainable Communities, and the Office of the National Indigenous Archbishop.


Kim Moberg: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Jon Evans: Upright bass, Electric Guitar, Drums, Orchestral Instrumentation
Matthias Bossi: Drums

Be still
To an open heart
The prophecy
Is fulfilled
In slumber all these years
We’re beckoning

Hear them sing
They celebrate
The joy of awakening
The ancient song has always been
Echoing on the wings
Of The Winds

Looking in
The power of
The healing lies within
The answer was and ever is
Riding on the wings
Of the winds
Of the winds