From the recording Up Around The Bend (Download)

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(by Kim Moberg | ©2017 Kim Moberg Music ASCAP)

Years ago, cartographers used the phrase “Here be dragons” to denote areas considered dangerous or unexplored.

Kim Moberg: lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Jon Evans: upright bass, electric guitar, Hammond B3 organ, tambourine
Matthias Bossi: drums, percussion


Blood red on her lips
Perfume in her hair
Tonight she’ll be a sinner
Or an angel in despair

Staring in the rear view
Deciding where to turn
If you play with fire
You surely will get burned

Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons

Well, she always does the right thing
And she always keeps her word
But this loneliness and heartbreak
Have caused the lines to be blurred

His eyes call from the border
At the point of no return
Sparkin’ that old fire
She welcomes in the burn

Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons

You see this story that she’s weaved
It ain’t enough to make believe
That her soul won’t bear the cost
Of a trust forever lost

She unlocks the back door
Heads on up to bed
But she still can’t help but wonder
Where desire might have led

Knowing that forbidden fruit
Won’t satisfy the yearn
Yet the taste of sweet temptation
It lingers and it burns

Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons
Beware the dragons
Slay the dragons