1. Resist

From the recording Above Ground (Download)


With empty pockets and hopeful dreams
They set sail on a stormy sea Facing danger and poverty
To see that light of liberty

Stolen lands, broken treaties
They left their lives at Wounded Knee
Their sons and daughters these many years
Still fight the white man to keep our waters clean

So I’m not willing to close my eyes
And I’m not willing to accept the lies
No, I’m not willing to compromise
To this I say Resist

They built a railroad so slaves could flee
With a Proclamation - You Are Free
They marched in Selma for The Dream
Spilling blood for equality

Out of the closet, finally
But they pay the price for living honestly
Beaten and tortured so brutally
For the crime of loving, of loving differently


I’ll stand up for freedom (I’ll ask you to)
I’ll sing out for peace (I’ll beg you)
I’ll speak out for justice (Let’s)
To show my children
We can do better than this

They’ll try to stop us just to feed their greed
Building walls that come between
But we’ll work together like our Fathers dreamed
When they built this nation on democracy