1. Summer Days

From the recording Above Ground (Download)

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Featuring Alex Becrelis: Mandolin


Summer days
Slumber in memory
Awaken when I whisper your name
Echoes of laughter begin to rise
To resonate in my mind
Suspended in time
Like a shell on the branch of the tree

Summer wind
Delivers the touch of your hand
On the warmth of my skin
The yearning I feel when you look at me
The brush of your kiss on my cheek
Are captured so briefly
Then gently blow back out the door

And closing my eyes, you're in front of me
Clear as the sun on the sea
The years melt away, the past is today
A timeless embrace
On a young summer's day

Summer love
Tucked in a treasure box
Buried deep down in my heart
Safe from the sands in the hour glass
Locked in a timeless romance
A renaissance waiting
For the past and the future to meet


Summer love
Summer winds
Summer days