1. The Call

From the recording Above Ground (Download)

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Featuring Heather Swanson: Violin


I started to call you just to say “Hello”
See how you’re doin’
And tell you ‘bout my day

So many times I had my hand on the phone

To dial your number
Only to recall

It’s been 12 years since I had to say goodbye
But they say life’s energy
Just takes a different form

I wish I could place a call to Heaven
Would anyone there receive my call
I just want to leave this message in Heaven
I love you
Thanks for being my mom

I had a dream that I picked up the phone
Your voice so clear
When you said “Hello”

I cried inside the dream before I awoke
My tears remembering
That you were gone

Can you hear me singing?
Can you see all that I’ve done?
Did you bring your memories along?


Now everyone once in a while
I’ll check the telephone
I’m waiting for your call