Doin's - March 2021 (Vol. 1, No. 1)

"The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness,
the human soul is apt to revive also." 
-Harriet Anne Jacobs 

Harriet Anne Jacobs was an African American writer, whose autobiography, "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl," published in 1861 under the pseudonym 
Linda Brent, is now considered an "American classic". Born into slavery in Edenton, North Carolina, she was sexually harassed by her enslaver. When he threatened to sell her children if she did not submit to his desire, she hid in a tiny crawl space under the roof of her grandmother's house, so low she could not stand up in it. After staying there for seven years, she finally managed to escape to the free North, where she was reunited with her children Joseph and 
Louisa Matilda and her brother John S. Jacobs. She found work as a nanny and got into contact with abolitionist and feminist reformers.
Even in New York, her freedom was in danger until her employer was able to pay off her legal owner. 

During and immediately after the Civil War, she went to the Union-occupied parts of the South together with her daughter,
organizing help and founding  two schools for fugitive and freed slaves. 

With spring only one week away and vaccinations being scheduled, the hope in the air is tangible! 

I'm super excited to share recent and upcoming virtual shows with friends! 

pc: Rachel Moberg

Fun Fact: 
People often ask me what my heritage is. I am of the Tlingit Tribe of southeastern Alaska, Raven moiety and Seagull clan. 
My Tlingit name, given to me by my maternal grandmother, is Ḵ'ashg̱é which translates to "Sits Still and Shines." 

Two March streams are still available for viewing: 

March 3, O'Shea's Olde Inne presented: 


To view, click on the link below: 

O'Shea's Virtual Pub

March 10, Late Shift Media presented: 

Celebrating Women's History Month 

I was honored to be part of an incredible night of music featuring 16 amazingly talented Sisters in Song! 

To view, click on the link below: 

Sisters In Song Concert 


March 18th 7:30pm ET 

Live From The Green Room presents: 


An evening of songs and stories! 

To watch, click on any of the following links: 

The Green Room FB Page
Kim Moberg FB Page

In 2015, Virginia based artist Rob Williams and I met at a show we shared at  O'Shea's Olde Inne
and have remained friends ever since! 

A natural storyteller who crafts melodies and narratives with intelligence  and ease, singer-songwriter
Rob Williams is known for his compelling, character-driven songs. 

With the release of his 4th solo album, Weathering the Storm, Vol. 1, Williams shares his most moving and intimate work yet. 
Recorded over a year-long course of mini-sessions, the album’s refined sense of cohesion comes in part
from allowing more space for the recording process. 

Williams honed his talent for making memorable Americana, country, and alt-rock in several bands
(Contocook Line, Joe Buck, Jr.) before releasing his first solo album A Place in the Sun 2012. 
In 2015 Williams released his second solo album Southern FM, recorded in Dallas, showcasing his ability to produce
expansive, nuanced acoustic roots rock. An Hour Before Daylight, Williams’ third solo album,  further demonstrates his knack for succinct and gripping narratives.The dynamic, varied stories are not only entertaining but straightforward in their humanness. 

Inspired by everything from early REM and the Beatles to contemporaries Craig Finn and Josh Ritter, Williams has 
developed an intuitive ability to translate lived and imagined experiences into catchy, well-crafted, and engaging music.

March 21st 5:00-7:30pm ET 

I'm honored to be the Featured Artist performing at 

Musicians For The Greater Good presents 

WE ARE ALL RELATED - A Benefit for Lakota Kidz 

FB Link We Are All Related Event 

The latest in the MGG concert series for social justice, this event will showcase songs and spoken word about
Native Americans and the challenges they face. It will benefit Lakota Kidz, dedicated to providing winter heat and
other needs to the Indians on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Wanblee, SD. 

Mark your calendars for 
Tuesday, March 30th 8:00pm ET 

Where I'll performing with 3 other artists (TBA) for the very popular 

"Music My Mother Would Not Like"  Songs and Stories series 
hosted by WPKN radio host and presenter Bruce Swan

The Series features four nationally and internationally touring,  seasoned artists each week—all with Zoom experience.  
Each artist will perform for 20 minutes and receive a share of the donations. 
Registration is required for each concert. 

Registration link will be posted to:  

Music My Mother Would Not Like FB Page   
Kim Moberg FB Page

Upcoming Guests on 

Sending so much gratitude and love to the Folk Alliance International Folk DJs and Radio Hosts 
who continue to air songs from my second cd "Up Around The Bend"! 

Here are a couple of easy ways you can continue your support: 

-Purchase the physical cd or download songs on 
the STORE tab on my website here:  Kim Moberg Music STORE 

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Sending sincerest gratitude for your ongoing support! 
I'm SO looking forward to the day (soon) when I can play some music for you in person!! 

Gunalchéesh tlein! 

Sent from the traditional territory of the Indigenous Nauset and Wampanoag (People of First Light) Tribes 

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