Doin's - May 2018 (vol. 1 Special Edition) ROSE GARDEN COFFEE HOUSE Performing Songwriter Competition Winner!

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For Immediate Release: 
MANSFIELD, Mass. — Kim Moberg, a singer-songwriter from Cape Cod, won the 26th annual Rose Garden Coffeehouse Performing Songwriter Competition on Saturday, May 19. The other finalists in the competition included New Yorker D.B. Rielly 
 and Brookline-based Dave Falk 

Moberg, a member of the Rhode Island Songwriter's Association, impressed the judges with two of her songs, one of a sinner-and-saint world and the other about a woman from her ancestry.  

Moberg told the Rose Garden audience that her first song, "Here Be Dragons" was the result of a Rhode Island Songwriter's Association event in which participants were asked to pen songs on provided topics. Hers was to be about dragons, she said. "I did a little research and discovered that years ago cartographers would use the phrase 'here be dragons' to denote areas that were considered dangerous or unexplored," she told the crowd. "I thought that was a pretty cool title to go with." 

The resulting song, with a defining melody line on guitar, has a contemporary woman deciding whether to go from saint to sinner:  

                                                                                            Well, she always does the right thing 
                                                                                            Always keeps her word 
                                                                                            But this loneliness and heartbreak 
                                                                                            Have caused the lines to be blurred 

Her second song delved into her ancestry  and one of her favorite relatives. Though Moberg was born in Juneau, Alaska, and traces her ancestry to the Tlingit tribe, her lineage also extends from elsewhere in the lower 48.  

"A lot of people on this side of the country find that pretty interesting and understandably intriguing," she said. "But a lot of people don't know that my father is from an equally interesting and faraway land called 'Kansas.'" 

"Josephine" traces the life and marriages of her "spit firin'" great-grandmother, who led a crooked path around the turn of the 20th century through several marriages, her first to Moberg's philandering great-grandfather, known as "Hamp," who wound up in jail. 

                                                                                           So Josie worked the railroad while he did his time 
                                                                                           Cookin' up and down the KT Line 
                                                                                           She heard that Hamp was free and had a family 
                                                                                           And a wife 'cross the Kansas state line 

Moberg was awarded a gig at the Rose Garden and will be back on Feb. 23, 2019 to perform a split bill with New York singer-songwriter Kirsten Maxwell. 

Judges in the contest, which assessed songwriting and performance abilities, included Rose Garden emcee Mary Ellen CusackRobert Haigh, producer and former host of the open mic series at the former Old Vienna Kaffeehaus, in Westboro, Massachusetts, and the Tupelo Music Hall, in Derry, New Hampshire; and Andy Smith, arts and entertainment writer at The Providence Journal. 

Moberg next can be seen at ISLAND BLUE CRAB RESTAURANT in Brewster, Massachusetts, on May 25, and on May 28 at noon at the CLUB PASSIM MEMORIAL DAY campfire. Festival in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

To watch Kim's Rose Garden Coffee House performance, click the links below:


"Here Be Dragons" (by Kim Moberg ©2017)


"Josephine" (by Kim Moberg ©2017)

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