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  1. The Raven


The Raven

(by Kim Moberg ©2018)
(ASCAP Kim Moberg Music)

Said the Raven
To the Eagle
Guide me through the night
Lead me from the darkness
To he who stole the light

Answered Eagle
To the Raven
Seek the Bentwoods three
One inside another
Carved from Cedar Tree

Raven journeyed many miles
On mighty wing he took to flight
Across the oceans deep and wide
Til in his sight
A ring of fire

Shifted Raven
To hemlock needle
Floating down the stream
The daughter sipped the water
Bore a grandson to the Chief

Then the Raven
disguised as Human
Tricked the greedy Chief
He opened all the boxes
Set the treasures free

Scattered stars that shimmer bright
Hung the moon to light the night
Rose the sun high in the sky
And undo the world
Released the fire

Then Raven soared through smoke so high
Forever changed
To black from white