Join me with a full band for a presentation of The Seven Fires Prophecy: Suite for Humanity in its entirety. The original work shares the Anishinaabe legend "The Seven Fires Prophecy" in song.

This concert is one of 12 presentations by Club Passim: The Folk Collective

The Folk Collective is a quarterly gathering of twelve select artists, musicians, and cultural thought leaders. Through an active exchange of ideas, creative collaboration, and partnership, we will foster and develop sustainable channels to invite and welcome diverse audiences and new artists to the Passim stage.

Sponsored in part by the Club Passim Iguana Fund.

A concert to present The Seven Fires Prophecy: Suite for Humanity. This original composition retells the ancient Anishinaabe Legend of The Seven Fires Prophecy in song. Long ago, the Anishinaabe were visited by prophets who gave 7 predictions of what the future of this planet would bring. Each prophecy was called a fire and each fire referred to a specific period in time.

“Many Indigenous nations are familiar with The Seven Fires Prophecy but I feel it is important to share it with non Indigenous people as well. I chose to share it through the Folk/Americana genre to reach a wider group on non Indigenous people. The prophecies warn us that if don’t we want to see humanity destroyed, we must learn to live together in peace and harmony with each other and our Earth.” – Kim Moberg

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