Live From The Green Room presents Genevieve and Kim Moberg

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Author, photographer, musician and educator Genevieve balances sweet and sexy, smart and sassy. She is an all-round entertainer, a charismatic and unique talent who has been wowing audiences as a singer/songwriter since first taking the stage at 6 years old.

It's possible to categorize her as an adult-contemporary artist because of the depth and sentiment of her lyrics, but her music spans multiple genres, incorporating elements from folk traditions to blues and jazz nuance to pop hookiness. And, with a voice blessed with impressive dynamics and range, she shifts seamlessly between sultry and Scotch-soaked chanteuse to pure Disney princess in a matter of notes. It's not surprising that her music and her voice have found homes in a variety of mediums, from tv/film and commercials to video games and educational programs. “Like Belle on a bender, with the voice of a fallen angel, some serious piano chops, and the ability to create a major case of the feels.”