Doin's - April 2021 (Vol. 4, No. 2)

"Time passes between the raindrops 
and the vast sky is just a space to think. 
Under the illusion that we navigate, forgetting how it can change 
in a simple blink, just one single blink of an eye." 
-Kim Moberg (April

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Doin's - March 2021 (Vol. 4, No. 1)

"The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness,
the human soul is apt to revive also." 
-Harriet Anne Jacobs 

Harriet Anne Jacobs was an African American writer, whose autobiography, "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,"

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Doin's - New Year's Eve Eve 2020 (Vol. 3, No. 5)

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering "it will be happier". 
- Alfred Lord Tennyson 

New Year's Greetings, Friends! 

I'm excited to turn the page on the year 2021 and happy to share some upcoming virtual…

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Doin's - December 2020 (Vol. 3, No. 4)

"...And with each prayer 
the man realized he was not 
giving a gift at all, 
but hoping that his friends 
would find the gifts 
they already had within them." 

From my favorite Christmas book: 

"The Legend of The Christmas Prayer" …

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Doin's - November 2020 (Vol. 3, No. 3)


October is the month for painted leaves. 
Their rich glow now flashes round the world. 
As fruits and leaves and the day itself acquire a bright tint  just before they fall, so the year near its setting. 
October is its

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Doin's - September 2020 (vol. 3, no. 2)

The Gift to Sing 

Sometimes the mist overhangs my path, 
And blackening clouds about me cling; 
But, oh, I have a magic way 
To turn the gloom to cheerful day— 
      I softly sing. 

And if the way grows darker still, …

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Doin's - April 2020 (vol. 3, no. 1)

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. 
You need to be able to throw something back.” 
– Maya Angelou 

Hi Friends! 

I'm writing to you as I Shelter-At-Home with my family on…

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Doin's - April 2019 (vol. 2, no. 1)

"So wait for me Up Around The Bend ”     

Greetings from Cape Cod!  

Thank you so much for signing up for my newsletter!  
I'm so happy that we are connected through music and community and I am so grateful for…

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Doin's - April 2018 (vol.1, no. 3)

“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.” -Santosh Kalwar

Recent Highlights 

Craigville Coffeehouse Open Mic
Our community Coffee House continues to blossom with attendees of all ages and various genres of music and spoken word  This…

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Doin's - December 2017 (vol.1, no. 2)

”Help me to be less fearful of the measure of time, and more fully alive in the time that simply is.
Help me to live time, not just to simply use it; to breathe it in, and return it in

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Doin's - June 2017 (vol.1, no. 1) 

Our gardens are blossoming and as I pause to enjoy their beauty, I breathe in the blessings and give thanks to what’s in store for this Cape Cod singer/songwriter.
I have been busy with all things music! Here are some…

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