"We are starting off this introduction of Singer/Songwriter Kim Moberg with a song called “The Call” because it sets the tone of reaching beyond, both spiritually and individually, to face challenges that all dreams demand we rise to.​....The sweet sadness she sings is gentle and insistent as the incoming tide." Colette O'Connor - Notes From Northeast, New England Women Songwriters KZUM-FM


Kim Moberg was born in Juneau, Alaska, the daughter of a classical pianist mother of Alaskan Native Tlingit descent and a US Coast Guard veteran father from Kansas. Music has always been an integral part of Kim's life, helping her to adjust to the frequent moves associated with growing up in a military family. From the sounds of Beethoven to Johnny Cash, Dave Brubeck to Hank Williams, and Bob Evans to David Bowie, the love of all genres of music has been ingrained in her soul. 

At the age of 14, Kim began playing acoustic guitar on a borrowed nylon 6 string, earning lessons by typing lyric and chord sheets for students who were taking guitar lessons from her mother. A few years later, she purchased a Gibson Epiphone guitar and taught herself to strum and finger pick to her favorite music from the '70's -- James Taylor, Jackson Browne, The Beatles, -- but debilitating stage fright kept her from pursuing her dream of becoming a professional performer.  In 2014, after a hiatus from music to raise her two daughters with her husband, Kim set out to overcome her stage fright at local Open Mics and fundraisers. Kim is now a singer/songwriter who performs as a solo artist, has collaborated with other a number of musicians, and performed as one half of the duo "Still Willow".

Kim's musical inspiration derives from both traditional and contemporary musical genres of acoustic, roots, folk and country. She strives to sing stories that evoke contemplation and emotion. A self, taught finger pick style acoustic guitarist, Kim has an intros​pective       interp​retati​on of songs and is especially drawn to musical stories that tug at feelings of melancholy, heartbreak, and healing. Her original songs speak to reunion, awakening and social consciousness.

Kim was selected by WOMR's Bob Weiser to perform at the Suzi Wollenberg DJ Showcase at the 2017 Northeast Folk Alliance (NERFA) conference in Stamfort, CT.  The annual conference connects artists and industry professionals for four days of music and mentoring. 

In addition to performing at venues and events such as The Cape Playhouse (Cape Cod Women's Festival), The Beal House: South Shore Folk Music Club; Love/Live/Local Music Series; "PorchFest2017" (as co-organizer and artist); and "Massachusetts Walking Tour", Kim's performance history includes house concerts, radio appearances: (Colette O'Connor's "New England Women Songwriters"  on "The Wimmin's Show" KZUM FM Lincoln, NB; WOMR's "Healing Wisdom" hosted by Pandora Peoples and "The Old Songs' Home" hosted by Bob Weiser; WKKL's "Six Degrees of Separation" hosted by Amara Mustafa, "Studio Session Live Radio" hosted by WUMB's Dave Palmater) and television appearances ("Sessions from Industrial Drive" hosted by Betsy Siggins, "Live From Center Stage",
Colette O'Connor's "World Music Day" as artist and co-host and "For The Love of Words" hosted by Rich Berg). 

Kim's debut cd entitled "Above Ground" , recorded and produced by Grammy nominated producer Jon Evans in Brick Hill Studio, was released worldwide in September 2017. 

In addition to performing music, Kim, together with close friend and singer/songwriter Kathleen Healy, have co-founded RavenDaisy Productions, created to book, promote and produce live music concerts in support of Indie artists.

Kim is a strong believer in the importance of giving back and being actively involved.  
She offers her music and time at events to support her local community such as hosting the monthly Craigville Coffeehouse Open Mic, serving as a board member for Vinegrass (a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for music students http://www.vinegrass.org),and performing at political fundraisers and charity events, including her annual "Concert For Kelly", a benefit concert to raise awareness about metastatic breast cancer.



Yarmouth New Church Audience Room
(pc: George Allendorf)

Yarmouth New Church Audience Room (pc: George Allendorf)

The Beal House/South Shore Folk Music Club     
(pc: Karen Woodall)

The Beal House/South Shore Folk Music Club
(pc: Karen Woodall)

Sessions at Industrial Drive
(pc Kara Ryan)

Sessions at Industrial Drive (pc Kara Ryan)

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(pc Rachel Moberg)